80s Casual is a british dj and producer named Simon Bathie, currently residing in Malaga, Spain. After releasing his first record in 1990 back in the days of outdoor raves, has gone on to produce under many guises, from breakbeat to drum and bass, rock and of course house music in all its flavors. Originally from Hertfordshire in England, now residing in southern Spain for the last 3 years. 80s Casual came about with my love for funk soul, jazz and hip hop and reggae. - I wanted to do an album that had all these influences and appealed to a wider audience than just the dance floor. 80s Casual still does remixes under his other name of Idiotbox and has worked with many names within the house industry. He states the reason for writing music down to the one and only Kurtis Mantronix. - After hearing his first album, I was hooked. The beats the splicing, it was genius and still sound fresh today. I used to save my school dinner money to buy his records, lol. Simon also djs and you can catch him in London,Madrid or southern Spain or Europe. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.