ShatEneW, vocalist of the group «AKADO»: Despite the fact that before 2002, the group already existed, playing different music under other names, I think this year the start of our path, because that's when I coined the final name for the group - AKADO. Then in my head all the strange ways set out on their seats, and I knew exactly what should be a group, and in what direction we should move. For me it was never enough to express their thoughts and ideas through text and music: I have always wanted a group perceived holistically, and all of its components is an integral whole, stressing each other and introducing the concept of a uniform. Simply put, I want to group it was interesting to not only listen but also to see - that explains the style, which we characterize yourself - a visual rock. That is why the creation of the video was for us a very important step. From Zheney Priest, we met in the same year 2002 in Petersburg, our views with him in the video are very much in common, and the idea of cooperation's in the air for many years. Jack Priest, director of film company «Project Heliks»: When I see on TV or at some Youtube clips of pop, in the first place I really enjoy the quality of the picture, the details and do the work of artist and producer. And then have a distaste for hypocrisy and senselessness of the perpetrators of other people's texts. For several years, I think: why not do so and the picture was beautiful and the music quality, and the texts - with the intent? The last six years I have been helping the alternative music becomes more expensive, because it so deserves, as the Western practice. First there were black-and-white days - probably already apparent clip funny now, but then he made his case: people understand what you can do anything except live narezok. Then - featured three stripes, whose value is precisely that it can watch people who are «not subject» and discover a new world. Then came a clip «Dead stars», for the quality of pictures competing with the European video and clearly indicate that an alternative clip can safely do without the live spots, cheap trash in the frame and stock «effect of old films», to bedaub defect images. What's next? And more - a group of «Academy». Our goal this time was not catching up with the west, and overtake. The goal, of course, almost impossible, but that is why Project Heliks led me and a group headed by Acad Shatenevym mobilized all its resources. Over the clip had more than 50 people, and before that for three months, we Shatenevym moved my scripts and tried to squeeze them into the budget. One of the scenarios we did somehow miraculously managed to stay within the collected money and started a long-awaited work together. ShatEneW: for six years with the guys we pulled on me and not allowed to die AKADO. But every time almost approaching close to the clip, we knew that the style AKADO itself precludes the possibility of cheap or low-quality video, so we chose «nothing better than абы as»! But in 2007 the way the group and producer center Dyagilev crossed. They were unusual people who did not encroach on our thoughts and ideas, and trust us, and committed themselves to addressing the many issues that the team could not cope for a long time. Jack Priest: «The video takes advantage of the most advanced HD technology, which achieved the highest image sharpness and juiciness colors. To create this video, I invited the cooperation of friends and partners in the project Heliks - film I-motion. Together, we have deployed a number of artists and professionals to create more than fifty effects, make scenery and props. » ShatEneW: Work on the clip - this is probably the most difficult of the, what I have to work AKADO on its visual side. The concept of the group in a clip, its style, elaborate costumes, hairstyles, makeup, choreography, even all the members of the group - all fell on me. Song Oxymoron № 2 says that a man can get along, seemingly totally incompatible things. Such as aggression and tenderness, beauty and moral ugliness, cruelty and mercy. Each of us has a two character, two natures, the two views, and we are listening to that one, then another, only one realizing that all of this together and makes us a whole. Jack Priest: The story is based on semantic clip of the song and turns in the future, in a remarkable moment when history almost repeats itself. Only this time, unfortunately, or fortunately, everything goes perfectly on the other. Special thanks to: Diagilev production (Zakatovu Mikhail and Sergei Vodakovu), the wife started and the entire Project Helix, Alena Shafranskoy, Anne Shafranskoy, Sergey Poyarkovu, Andrey Nikolaev, Catherine Musin, Catherine Zemskova, Anna Kleiman, Elena Prokhorova, Love Mikhailova, Aleksei Vikulin, Christine Grabenko, Dmitry Kovalev Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.