There are two artists called Adam Baker. THE UK ADAM BAKER 1. In February 2006 Adam Baker released a CD selling 500 copies in about 8 months or so, which helped raise money for projects in Africa through Elim missions. From the release of the CD Adam began to gig regularly in venues like oasis in Belfast, pulse (washbasin), various church meetings and similar venues. Shortly after the release of Open Skies Adam’s tracks got airplay on U105 and some Internet radio stations. The interest in Adam’s music grew, and he received some offers from independent record companies to go full time. However music was not one of Adam’s priorities at this time and so he made the hard decision to reject the offers. So as planned Adam went to Bible College in Glasgow (ICC). When Adam completes his studies at ICC he hopes to go into full time cross–cultural ministry. Adam recently released a new album, Your Eyes which he recorded at the Foundry Music Lab with Graeme Duffin (ex Wet Wet Wet guitarist) and Sandy Jones. This was recorded in July/Aug 2009. Issues like poverty and injustice influence Adam’s music. Adam’s music is also influenced by his own experience of life, difficult things that he has gone through, or been challenged by. Adam’s music is not worship music as such, it feels like it is more raw than contemporary worship music, and it doesn’t follow the typical worship genre structure lyrically or musically. However some songs of his have been wrote with congregational use in mind. In Adam’s music there is honesty about his experiences, or those things that concern, move or motivate him. At the centre of it all there is Christ. For in all the things he writes about, his faith in God is central, for many of the concerns and passions that Adam has have been God’s burdening and leading. Not long after the release of “Your Eyes” the album got picked as album of the week on U105. Adam went on to release "Beyond the Sun" reviewed by BBC Humberside 9/10 and in Geoff Howlett's words they were "hooked by the sound" Featured artist on UCB Unisgned, UCB Uk, Trans World Radio, BBC Humberside. THE CANADIAN or AMERICAN ADAM BAKER - details below 2. The other Adam Baker has two releases: "Adam Baker - EP" and "Just Enough To Hurt" Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.