It is hard to find information about this artist so I'll paste a part of one of his declarations: «Sound is a fascinating vibration that can take any form. Intangible but you can feel it. Becomes or doesn't become music. Speaks volumes without words. Speaks for itself. I'm interested to explore sound and its identity through physical vibration, mainly with cheap or defected acoustic instruments (wind, string, percussion) which I find very charming; they have a strong individual character and they stand completely opposite to the actual technological consumption society. I'm interested in improvisation, the expression of the moment where playing becomes a method of employing the mind without thinking. Following your intuition without fixed rules or reference, a sense of freedom. I'm interested in the world of the irrational, tenuous or surreal; creating atmospheres where everything is possible through sound manipulation; modification of instruments or different ways of recording and processing sound. Live performances happen occasionally and take place in the same spirit; structured improvisations on a small set of miniature acoustic instruments with slight manipulation, partly amplified, on remarkably low volume.» Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.