Against All Hope

Against All Hope from 1992-1996 against was a Buffalo hardcore band ahead of its time Consisting of a line up of Tim Patterson (guitar)...Poppey (vocals) Flip (bass) Phil(me) (guitar) Deaner (my bro) (drums )!!!!! After releasing numerous 7"S and tapes we got ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE =) still didnt keep us from playing shows with bands as robust as Sick of it All and Sheer Terror . "sheer who?" yea i KNOW it means more tom me than it does to you =)...but after many years of great companionship the band began to fall apart. Tim left for Annabelle (soon to be pavers) and Poppey and flip just moved on with life.....for a Few years later Deaner and Phil ..WERE NOT ready to let it fade so we did the only reasonable thing to do...Keep it for years on AAH became a PARTY band consistoing of PHIL ..Deaner and DAN PRICE ...a MORE than deserving fan/friend turned BANDMATE!! For the next few years AAH was something different than EVER anticipated untill Phil and Dan needed a break . RRRRIIIING goes my phone ....HOLY SHIT WHATS UP TIMMY !!!! DUDE LETS JAM !!! thats all it took for the next line up of AAH ..consisting of Phil (guitar vocals ) Timmy(guitar SOME vocals LOL) and Deaner (you guess) Galley (BASS) we record 2 cd's some shows voice street fest ...murphys law...then AGNOSTIC FRONT (thank you my bald brothers) and then its over for a few years =( RRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING........ITS POPPEY HOLY FUCKING SHIT MAN !!!!!!!! LETS JAM!!!!! SO ONCE AGAIN AGAINST ALL HOPE IS BACK ....!!!!!!!!! and POPPEY HAS A GRUDGE TO SETTLE !!!!!!! KEEEP POSTED KEEEP IN TUNE SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.