Ahnst Anders

Ahnst Anders was born in 1977 in Bonn and grew up somewhere in between the two cities of Cologne and Bonn. Ahnst Anders has always had a soft spot for music, especially for stylistic variety. He began work as an indie music DJ, moving onto techno, house and minimalist sounds. But after a while, he felt the urge to try out his skill with synthesizers. The result of this effort can be found on his debut album "Dialogue" on the label "Pflichtkauf" from Aachen. It's a dialogue of different styles of music joining together. His music can't be put into any sole category, but there are definitive influences from ambient and various electronic music styles. Ahnst Anders combines one-dimensional sound elements with the everyday noises of life. Several extremely simplified pieces even reveal these everyday samples in an entirely new context, as the noise becomes sound. In the drum-based pieces there are influences from techno, minimal, drum 'n' bass, or other musical styles. Ahnst Anders says: "Music has always been an integral part of my life....it continues to accompany me even more, and is the elixir for drive, joy, and emotion. All day long we're accosted by so many discomforting sounds, so why not do something interesting with them? " Meanwhile, Ahnst Anders has extended his spectrum, reaching into various areas of creative sound, immersing himself deeper into the roots of what sound is. Sound installations and art exhibits have attracted his attention. "Everything is art , even the angle can be the deciding factor. In order to develop ideas you need space -space to breathe, space to think or reflect, space to be silent and talk, but not to someone who speaks too much and says nothing. Everything needs space, because who would we be without a way to fill spaces, tap into their surfaces, thus making the interpersonal gap exceptionally insignificant?" Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.