There are 2 artists with the name "Aimee B": 1) Aimee Blackschleger is a Tokyo-based English singer known for her vocals in Final Fantasy, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, and Konami's BEMANI games. 2) Aimee B is a trance producer from the UK/Sweden. "Entertain, dont let crap get in the way, & Trance Out!" has been Aimee's motto since forever, however the last bit 'trance out' has really only been a part of what she has liked to say since 1999 when she descovered trance. Aimee has been producing music since her early teens, influenced by such massive stars as Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten (seriously!). Most biographies stick in a line about now saying, 'since then its been a magical ride of trance fusion' etc... etc... however for her it has rather been something of a rollercoaster of ups and downs. A lot of artists would cringe at saying that, though she's full of bottle, and not afraid to flaunt it, besides its what has made her music what it is today :) One of the biggest questions she gets asked recently is why doe's she sound so much like 'hybrid factor', well for a start, Steve 'the one with the name under the guise' was not the artist behind the music, SHE WAS!!!! The biggest problem that she started out with was not mastering, or vst's rather the fact that she was a chick! Being the bold person she is, decided to ask her brother steve if she could use his name to publish my music on the net, he reluctantly said yes, and what did ya know, as soon as her net profiles got noticed, people liked the gear :) So just to clarify to everyone, hybrid factor is (or was) 'Aimee M Bailey' not 'Steve' In 2003 her guise 'hybrid factor' was voted by as one of the top 10 new artists of the year and had the 4th Longest time no1 with 'Beleve'. After a reasonable amount of equal success on sony's the 'hybrid factor' guise finally came to a finale in december 2005 with the 'Fireflies', because of the success and friend group she had established, plus her brother was getting too comfortable with the idea of being recognised as a trance artist, It was finally time to come out and admit to everyone who she really was. Sure people were shokked, though atleast the cat was out of the hat :) After that, she thought it was time to update the image, get rid of the metalic name, blast en fem and step up gear, So she decided to swich guises to 2 common ones, first being 'Aimee B' (obvious lol) and secondly 'Firestar'. With the 'daif records' contract in the bag now, she has alot to look forward to, however there is still work to do, she no fool, and will keep on working. Who Is Aimee?... Aimee's main influences are formost 'Armin Van Buuren', 'Ferry Corsten', 'Lange' and 'Chicane', with respect though to 'Yahel', 'Kamaya Painters' and 'Mike Koglin' for there fantastic epics, however Aimee digs the harder style trance artists too, and is not affraid to admit some influence off artists such as 'Flutlicht', 'Paul Maddox' and 'Future Breeze' Aimee's secret benchmark goal is to be infront of 30,000 people entertaining them with her own flavour of wicked and fresh trance. In 2005 Aimee had grown her contact list quite considerably, however one of the contacts in perticular stayed as a constant. Joakim Daif (aka Oceanbase back then) became an increasingly good friend. Nearing the end of 2005 Aimee and Joakim started to remix eachothers work. In october 2006 joakim started up a brand new indipendant record label called 'Daif Records', and asked Aimee to be one of the headlining artists, from then on, Aimee is now signed and is looking forward to getting her first releases at the end of 2006! Aimee xx Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.