Akio Suzuki

Akio Suzuki (鈴木昭男) is a japanese artist born in North Korean Pyongyang (1941). At the age of four he moved to Japan, to a town called Aichi. During the 60's ,he began his "self-study events"; for four years he worked as a sound researcher, studying the sound qualities of places in nature and architectural spaces. He investigates places by constructing a topography of sound based on the principle of call and echo. The intensive study during the 1970's of the phenomenon of reverberation or echo inspired him to invent his own instruments, such as the glass harmonica à la Suzuki and the ANALAPOS spiral echo instrument.In the late 70's he successively developed other sounds generated with newspapers and other curious objects. Since the 1970's, he has been performing many times,using these self-built instruments. In 1981, Suzuki received a scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation in New York. Since 1989, he has often been working with the dance and performance artist Junko Wada. Today he lives in the countryside near the Japanese coast. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.