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Cab Rides & Cigarettes


Another night alone at the bar that you call home
Sit there waiting for no one
And the melting of the ice in your drink passes the time
Order another to keep you numb, to keep you numb
And you miss the way it felt when it was new and not routine
Same production, just different actors every night

And you're not proud, but not ashamed
Sits alone, you ask her name
Always know the ending of this play
And you'll say: Don't go, you know that we've only just met
I'll call a cab home, or we could walk
and smoke these cigarettes
Early morning; half-asleep

Half awake under a stranger's sheets
Not surprised that she's already left
Find your clothes, and find your smokes
There's no goodbye, there's just a note
Didn't see just how this would end

And it says: Don't call. I know that we've only just met
I'm sorry to have led you on, there's no good
That could ever come out of this
I've got no room for you in my life. I am complicated
Here's money for a cab home, the drinks
And half-smoked cigarettes