Alternative control

ALTERNATIVE CONTROL is Toprek Goran (born in 1980) A.K.A Toca and Rastko Palikuca (born in 1984) both from Serbia. They started dj-ing in 1999 and began creating music together in 2003. Goran started making different kinds of music in 1997 and was producing techno, hip hop and house music. He was a big fan of heavy metal and rock also. Rastko joins him in 2003 after working in Liquid and Solid organization and then they started the Alternative Control name, promoting it all over the world, in only 2 years of their existing they released tracks on countless labels, making remixes of Shanti, GBU, Bizzare Contact, Bamboo Forest and many other collaborations with international artists. They are touring around the world extensively playing in Brasil, Japan, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Hungary and many more. They've released their debut album "Alt + Ctrl", and now second one is "work in progress". Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.