Andrew Macari

Andrew continued to build a fan base in the highly competitive North American DJ scene, whether playing a deep set in an intimate underground House setting, or a jackin-funky-Chicago-style set at peak time. In 2000, he was a bi-weekly resident at Giant, and had the unique experience (along with Marques Wyatt) of being the first DJs ever to play the official Grammy Awards Party. In 2000 at the Deep/Naked Music/Hula Groove Party WMC (with Attaboy, Swag, Joshua/Iz, Rasoul, Miguel Migs, Marques Wyatt & Mark Farina), and in 2001 a flawless peak-time set at the Hula Groove Come Get Lei’d Party WMC (with Diz, Joshua/Iz, Marques Wyatt, Deep C & Chris Udoh). In 2001, Andrew was featured as the July/August URB Magazine Guest House Reviewer, and a Lotus Magazine feature on LA producers. At the Winter Music Conference 2002 he performed at the Hula Groove House DJs Do It Deeper Party alongside Marques Wyatt, Diz, DJ Heather & Mr. Mulatto, and at the Moulton Studios/Transport SF Saturday Funktion Party with Miguel Migs, Julius Papp, Jay-J, Chris Lum & Mauricio Aviles. Also in 2002 he performed at venues such as Centro-Fly in New York, Smart Bar in Chicago, Red Jacket in Dallas, Ruby Skye in San Francisco, DNA Lounge in San Francisco, Deep in LA, Lava Lounge in Cincinnati and many others worldwide. In 2003 Andrew began to produce music under two new production names the Deep South Playaz with partner Alex Marlowe and Guided Methods with Bobby Valentine and Ric Viera. The first Guided Methods release came way of AFTERSCHOOL RECORDINGS with a three track ep called the “Nice Dreams” ep, featuring a remix by Natural Rhythm and was followed up by the release of “Cool Like X on Chicago label PEACHES MUSIC. Also in 2003 we saw the release of the Andrew Macari “Underground Emotions” ep on GRAB RECORDINGS, featuring the track “Lowdown” and his NORDIC TRAX remix of Gavin Froome’s 1980 on the “Post & Beam Revisited” record. Since relocating back to the UK in the beginning of 2004 Andrew’s productions have all been releases on his GREENHOUSE RECORDINGS record label with it’s first release the Guided Methods “Collective Expressions” ep, featuring a remix by Jason Hodges and the third GREENHOUSE RECORDINGS release Guided Methods, “Hangin Out In The Park” ep featuring a remix by DJ Alena. The Deep South Playaz got started with a excellent four track outing, “Stayin In The Shade” ep the second release on GREENHOUSE RECORDINGS. One of the tracks “Orange Tango” was also licensed by DJ MFR for his “Roma Departure” mix CD on TRANSPORT RECORDINGS. Next up for Andrew was his co-produced ep, the Macari & Jay-J “Last Call At Moulton Studios pt1” on GREENHOUSE RECORDINGS which has also been licensed to the Yukihiro Fukutomi “The Crossing” mix CD on Flower Records, CAFÉ DEL MAR “Chillhouse 3” mix CD and Jay-J’s “reflections” mixed CD on DISTANCE. In 2005 GREENHOUSE RECORDINGS released the third Guided Methods ep “Digital Therapy”, featuring the popular WMC 2005 track “Ooh La La”. Andrew has also been playing shows at clubs in the UK (with the likes of Slum Science & The Sound Diggers) and has even been seen behind the decks at some free parties. Which is where the Andrew Macari story began, back to his roots in house music… GREENHOUSE SOUL will be featuring some of Andrew’s deeper projects, such as Andrew Macari and Chris Lum’s co-produced track “Ode to Bird”, Deep South Playaz “Back For More” ep and tracks from Smart Kid, Groove Federation and Dj Rasoul. In 2007/8 Andrew has been working on some new solo productions as well as some co-produced projects with The Sound Diggers and Deep South Playaz for GREENHOUSE RECORDINGS and his new off shoot label GREENHOUSE SOUL. Andrew has also starting a GREENHOUSE LTD series for underground artists and his new UK label TASTIE MUSIC. GREENHOUSE SOUL will be featuring some of Andrew’s deeper projects, such as Andrew Macari and Chris Lum’s co-produced track “Ode to Bird” and Deep South Playaz “Back For More” ep. TASTIE MUSIC kicked off in January 2008 with it’s first release The Sound Diggers ft. Dj Freestyle "the big no no" ep and was followed by Groove Federation ft. Craig Hamilton "side pocket" ep. Next up was the greenhouse boys Fraidso with a great three tracker "shandy pants" ep, followed by a "tastie remix sampler" ft. The sound Diggers, Glen Coates and Tracy Cooper with remixes by Just Jason, Tracy Cooper, The Sound Diggers and Groove Federation. Groove Federation meets The Sound Diggers "back round to ours" ep on Tastie Music 005 only made it to white label, watch this space... Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.