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There is more than one artist with this name 1. an Australian, punk, ska punk band formed in 1994 2. A Peruvian all female Nu Metal band formed in 1999 1. Area-7 rose from the ashes of Madness cover band Mad Not Madness. In 1994 three members, Dugald McNaughtan (keyboards), Charles "Chucky T" Thompson (guitar) and Dan Morrison (drums) left the group and began to write their own songs. They formed a band and named it after a lyric from The Specials' Dawning of a New Era. In 1996, singer Walter Eskdale left and the band recruited John "Stevo" Stevens, formerly of rockabilly band Yeah Yeah!, to vocals. Alistair Shepherd (sax), Toby Dargaville (trumpet) and Rohan Pacey (bass) all left in approximately 2002, and were replaced by Paul West and Matt Sanders. 2. Area 7 was born in 1999 when the Foronda sisters created a band that pays tribute to acts like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Nirvana. After the typical initial hesitation, finally they consolidated as a solid quartet led by Diana and Fátima Foronda, supplemented by the drummer Josie Romani who suggested Karol Uriol’s entry, who switched from guitar to bass. They composed their first own songs and formalized the gestation of the first all-female metal band in Peru. They grew musically gig after gig, and in 2003 acquired the maturity needed to participate in bigger concerts with bands such as Masacre, Reset, Natura and Leuzemia. Gradually their national impact was getting greater, and after being quoted in press notes and appearing in several television interviews, they published their first and self-titled EP. After bring their music to Morella Petrozzi’s contemporary dance show “Género Femenino” (Female Gender) they published “Soul Machine”, their first LP produced by Morrison Records which made Area 7 to cross borders to present it to the Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican, Chilean and Argentine crowd. A year later, in 2007, Evelyn Matos increased the Area 7 family when joined the band, allowing Karol Uriol to go back on track with her guitar. After celebrating their 10th anniversry as a band, the band recorded their album “″, tribute to Pamela Heredia, their close friend who died in 2008 and was born in 1984. Illari Arbe, with only 17 years old entered the band to play the drums and take part in the composition, arrangements and production of the album. From: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.