Hailing from the nether regions of ASIA, Singapore, ASTRONINJA is made up of a crazed albino fellow, a rogue assassin Eurasian, two Chinese fellas who don't know any kungfu but are killer at chopstick ping pong, and a cuddly woolly sheep whose name is BOBBY! They are inspired by their love for anime music, Asian culture & fashion, J rock and Western punk rock music, vampires and of course, ninjas, Believing that they are actually monks reincarnated (with asses so sexy, even monkeys grope them like cupcakes on a table of sweets!), these lads and a lamb are unlike any other band in the world. Loud, proud, and uberlistically ninjalicious, ASTRONINJA is the heart and soul of every teenaged ninja, every strange incarnation from a tadpole, ever obsessive oddball, giggly goofball, narcissistic nerd, gawky geek, whacked out weirdo and fucked up freak out there who doesn't want to fit into the pretension of being 'accepted' by their conforming peers. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.