Bad Balance

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Bad Balance is a Russian rap group considered to be one of the first rap acts in USSR. The group maintained a devoted underground following during 1990's. Bad Balance was formed as a breakdance crew in 1980's in Saint-Petersburg by students from Donetsk named Vlad Valov (SheFF) and Sergey Krutikov (Михей). Group switched to rapping and recorded the debut album "Vishe Zakona" in 1989 for Gala Records. The band toured France and US. Classic Bad Balance albums "Naletchiki Bad B." (1994), "Chisto Pro" (1996) and "Gorod Jungley" (1998) were released by Gala Records during this period. Mikhey left the band to push solo career as a reggae/soul singer, while Sheff formed Bad B. Alliance. Both gained huge mainstream popularity Bad Balance itself has never seen. Ligalize joins Bad Balance. Long-awaited "Kamenniy les" released by Mixmedia in 2001. Bad B. Alliance disbanded following Ligalize's departure and conflicts with investors (Tolmatskiy). Mikhey dies of heart failture. Kuper (DA-108) and Al Solo (Beliye Bratya) join Bad Balance. Popularity declines. "Malo-po-malu" (2003) and "Legendi gangsterov" (2008) released by Valov's own record label 100PRO. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.