MY NECK SNAPPED WITH THE CRUSH OF THE COLD AIR. LIKE THE SOUND OF A CHAIR FALLING DOWN SEVERAL FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. BADLIFE.BANDCAMP.COM MYSPACE.COM.BADLIFEEXISTS BADLIFEEXISTS.TUMBLR.COM BADLIFEEXISTS.BLOGSPOT.COM SOUNDS LIKE: “a procession of every half heard sound that ever seeped through heat cracked walls distorted.” “to sum it up as concisely as possible, this record is a fusion of both post-punk’s and doom metal’s versions of depression. hearing curisms alongside clear black sabbath influence seems to be a rather unpalatabe combination, but BAD LIFE make it work perfectly. add to this a highly textured and addictive pop sensibility (warped beyond recognition by the band’s experimental nature), and you have what could possibly be one of the best underground records of the year. as dark as its subject matter may be, there is a consistent level of accessibility to THE DAY YOU DIE, despite the record’s almost malevolent atmosphere. for those of you who listened to nothing else but Deathconsciousness in the months following its release, you are strongly encouraged to spin this through just once. that’s all it will take. “ “a ‘rock’ band that twist out the darkness from the genre using conventional instrumentation but unconventional arranging. each song turns and veers into territory unexpected in the best way.” BORN IN THE MOUNTAINS BY THE SEA, AGED BENEATH THE SYCAMORE TREES. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.