Beat Assailant

The Beat Assailant - Hard Twelve History The number twelve - whether its a money making lucky roll of the dice, the number of songs on his first album or simply the month he was born - is a number which has carried significance throughout the life path of Hip Hop artist BA "The Beat Assailant". This is the story of an artist whose interesting life path has taken him from Miami to Atlanta to Paris. From a performing arts school to the gritty stages of the Atlanta underground Hip Hop scene to the eclectic Paris music community. From all of these experiences, influences and journeys, BA has created an eclectic 12 track album entitled Hard Twelve. Like every true artist B.A. has lived his life with a need and vision to create enduring works. The 26 year old rapper was born in Miami in 1977 and moved quickly thereafter to Atlanta where he grew up and still resides today. At an early age BA was driven by the need to express himself through the creation of music and began his unique musical experience as a teenager at North Atlanta’s High School for the performing arts. His first step into hip hop’s Notoriety came when he was discovered at Rowdy Records' Open Mic Battles held in Atlanta. This led to his first recordings at Dallas Austin's famed DARP studios while working with producers like Sol Messiah of Zulu Nation and Tim & Ted of La Face records. BA worked fast and furious as he continued to perfect his craft by hustling his way to the stage. While attending the University of Georgia, he plunged into the flourishing underground hip hop live scene, constantly performing on stage even opening up for legendary artists such as Outkast and Gza. Then one day B.A. decided to visit a family friend in Paris: "When I first went to Paris I was taken aback, by how strong the vibe was, and even more so by the influence of music here." explains B.A. "Once I came and began to experience the culture, the nightlife, and some of the real artists there, I immedeately realised I had the potential to do great things there." It was then that B.A. decided to go back, live and create in Paris. In 2001 he came back to Paris where he quickly began to understand and fit into the Paris music scene. He found himself in a world full of artists that have influenced his work today including artists such as MC Solaar and Blackjack. Then BA met Zash, a local artist known for his productions and compositions through labels like Jazznova Compost Records and Dreyfus Jazz Records. The two immediately started working together informally until B.A. decided to make it official, sign to Twin Fizz Records and begin working on his debut album Hard Twelve. Hard Twelve was recorded between February 2002 and december 2003 at Twin Fizz Records Studios, based in Paris. The whole musical concept was conceived and directed by B.A and producer Zash. The album magically weaves a blend of pure Hip Hop roots with jazz, electro, afro and Brazilian musical textures. It is an eclectic mix of many musical influences and real life experiences. B.A. and Zash have created a collection of 12 tracks that take the listener on a journey from the glory days of Hip Hop mic battles in "The Most Real" to the emotional tale of broken lovers in "The Break Up Song" to the ultimate relaxation treat with "Chronic Break". On "Secret Weapon", B.A. addresses societal problems such as violence and government intervention while offering a positive spritual way to deal with the complexities of human nature. On the album B.A. chose to work with a wide selection of guests from all over the world. Special guests such as Tash (Alkaholics), J-Zone, Phil da Agony, Vanessa Jacquemin (Brooklyn Funk Essentials), and Danger Mouse (Warp / Lex Records) prove to be essential ingredients in making The Hard Twelve so musically original. When asked the driving force behind B.A.'s artistry as a musician he explains: "The prevailing message is to devote yourself to creating something that’s bigger than you. We as people are all mortal, but music, art, love, vibes, etc. live on forever. In the same way we still revere great artists and musicians of the past, we all can create something that endures. This is the secret weapon that everyone possesses, if everyone works hard to make something constructive, rather than destructive, we all survive. This is the common thread woven throughout the album, that can’t die" Official website: French fans forum: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.