Beat Down Sound

Beat Down Sound was a band from Allston, MA. Active from 1997 through 2000 and currently on extended hiatus. Probably most widely known for "Piglet's Lament", their improvised contribution to the soundtrack of Jack Johnson's "September Sessions" surf film (and currently featured in the WB's "Bedford Diaries"), Beat Down Sound played a basement-bred mash-up of funk, indie rock, dub reggae, and electric jazz. Some called it dub-rock, or post-funk. It was like a dude walking down the street bumps into another dude and one dude says "Dude, your jam band is in my indie rock!" and the other dude is all like "Yo, your indie rock is in my jam band!" The drummer played like he was in a funk band, the bassist played like he was in a reggae band, the keyboardist played like he was in a jazz band, and yet for some reason we thought we were a rock band. It was a funky good time. We have CD-R's of "Echo Box", our first album, and CD's of "All Over But the Shouting", our second, available for sale. There's even some live and unreleased recordings to be had. Drop a line if you're so inclined, beatdownsound at hotmail dot com. Since the turn of the century, our members have spread out thusly: Craggs still lives in Boston and currently plays drums with Roh Delikat; he used to play drums with Certainly, Sir, and House of Gusto, and keyboards with the Ivory Coast. Mike lives in Brooklyn while attending law school. He toured the world with DJ Logic's Project Logic and gigged with the primal force of freakiness known as Gary Wilson. Flack lives in Cambridge and continues to DJ and cause trouble with DJ C as BeatBoxy and/or DuoTone. BT lives in Chicago and has played bass for Chiyoko Yoshida and Marydee Reynolds and provided video music for, Early2Bed, and FuzzyCo. Stay tuned to our myspace page ( for further developments and reminisces; new selections of recordings will be rotated in there regularly, so check back. And again, we can be contacted at beatdownsound at hotmail dot com. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.