It was born when the components of this artistic project met in Vigo to form and give a name to the new grouping. After arduous deliberations, BERROGÜETTO was chosen. A new word, a neologism, that has a triple origin "Berro" meaning "scream" or "shout" in Galician, "Güeto" from the word "ghetto" and, finally, "Soweto", the South African district where the fight against apartheid started. The amalgamation of these three names, of these three semantic ideas, is the word BERROGÜETTO, that would come to mean the shout of the ghetto - the opressed ones, since, according to the musicians who integrate the band, folk, always been has opressed and restricted into a much reduced territory for its enormous possibilities. With this name these musicians have wanted to release the folk music, ethnic, folk, celta or as he wants to designate itself, of its chains, their captivity in mazmorras of the musical labels, and definitively to open thus the borders which he wishes to listen to new sounds, the new musics. This desire has become reality, because the musicians of this band have been received with the arms opened in all the national and international scenes in which they have appeared. Members: * Anxo Pinto - zanfona / hurdy-gurdy, violin, saxo, flutes, piano, gaitas / pipes * Isaac Palacín - Percussions * Quico Comesaña - Bouzouki and harp * Quin Farinha]] - violin * Santiago Cribeiro - accordion and piano * Guillermo Fernandez - guitar and bass * Guadi Galego - voice and gaitas / pipes Discography: * 10.0 - 2006 * Hepta - 2001 * Viaxe por urticaria - 1999 * Navicularia - 1996 Official website: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.