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Kevin Deal a.k.a. Bexarametric (pronounced like the weather term, "barometric") is a one-man project featuring a wide variety of musical influences (intelligent dance, drum & bass, jazz, ambient & classical). His unique style of writing is abandonment from typical European dance styles. Instead, he pushes an American-jazz songwriting style blended with experimental electronic effects, filter tricks & sequencer abuse. Bexarametric's prolific writing has earned him much acclaim on internet music sites such as Sony's ACIDplanet (number one rated artist and featured artist for the Sony Product Catalog Q1 2005). Deal further strengthened his internet presence in early 2003 with his first full-length release, Bexarametric Pressure LP, on Metric Style Records - distributed through Tower Records (topped at number two on their drum & bass bestsellers list), CD Baby, (Ranked in the Electronic Top 40 in Canada for most downloaded albums) & iTunes. His live shows are also something to marvel. The Dallas Observer said "Bexarametric's delicious sprinkles of melodic sampling and fury delivers a performance that will make one weak in the knees". In the meantime, Kevin has stayed busy playing shows, such as the 23rd Central Texas Ambient Campout, AMODA, a Summer 2005 European tour and is a regular participant in the Dallas area Laptop Deathmatches. Bexarametric has also featured three songs, Extinction Clinic, Robust Suborbital Filter Jazz and The Windmill Sessions, in the Unreal Tournament 2004 Expansion Pack, as well as written an unreleased score for a Need For Speed Underground trailer. Deal has also scored the award-winning Jason Bounds film "Day X". Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.