Big Electric Cat

In 1989 musicians Paul Sadler and Deborah Denton moved from London to Sydney, Australia. In 1991, taking the name derived from the Philip K. Dick sci-fi novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (later to become the movie Bladerunner) they were influenced by the films dark,futuristic and other worldly themes and formed Big Electric Cat. Following several changes in the bands line-up,it was not until 1993 they were joined by local bassist David Block and that the current band was born.Their live drummer was dropped in favour of a drum machine "Dr Ruth" named after the famous US sex therapist. After sell out gigs across Australia the band recorded their 4 track demo "Suspira". After a chance meeting with the owner of Phantom Records in Sydney, he suggested sending their demo to the newly formed Goth label Cleopatra Records in Los Angeles. They were offered a three album deal. The band's first full album was titled "Dreams of a Mad King" and was released in 1994. Recorded at Damien Gerrard Studios in Sydney it contains the songs "Christabel", "Orchid Dreaming", "Paris Skyes" and "Red Roses" which defined their sound and since its release, has become a classic across the USA and Europe. On the suggestion of Cleopatra label boss Brian Pereira the second release by the band was the seven track remix EP Burning Embers overseen by electronic guru Uberzone and was released in October 1995. In 1997 the band embarked on the massive Congregation Tour of the USA with labelmates Christian Death and Switchblade Symphony. On their return to Australia Deborah Denton left the band and Paul and David continued to record the second full length album "Eyelash". Released in August 1997,the songs took a darker,electronic journey-the classic title track was dedicated to the recent death of Paul's father. With more live commitments and increasing popularity William Jackson was recruited for keyboard duties, and when David Block quit unexpectedly later that year, he was replaced by maven Damien Gillette on bass. Big Electric Cat were among one of the first handful Australian Gothic bands to break through to the USA. Big Electric Cat's music continues to be released to a new generation of fans. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.