Blasted Mechanism

In 1995, Valdjiu, player of the Bambuleco and Kalachacra, and Karkov, began Blasted Mechanism, an unusual fusion of music styles from all around this planet Earth and beyond. “Balayashi”, the ensemble’s first outing becomes the best selling EP in Lisbon since then, bringing Ary’s strong bass pulses into the fold. The collective incarnates their first outfit skins and aided by aboriginal instrument didgeridoo, spread their surprising chemistry throughout the stages of the university circuit and major festivals turning songs like “Atom Bride Theme” into expressions of pure energy. In 1999 The debut album, “Plasma”, is acclaimed by both public and critics as one of the most original records ever made on Portuguese soil and the northern European, Klezmer inspired piece, “Karkov”, becomes a huge success amongst fans that flock to witness Blasted Mechanism’s second mutation. By 2000, in the “Mix00” cd, these strange mutants, aided by Brazilian drummer Fred Stone’s weighty and frantic rhythms, melt electronics and tribalism into a unique sound. This aural concept sets the basis for the following album, “Namaste”, which becomes a sales and critical success and makes it to the Portuguese tops; “Are you ready” is considered one of the best Portuguese videos and Blasted Mechanism are nominated for MTV’s best Portuguese act thus catapulting the band, joined by Zymon, The Cosmic guitarist, multi-intrumentalist and player of the Indian sitar, and their third visual metamorphosis to ever larger audiences including the first shows in England, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Check republic, Luxembourg and Mexico. In 2005 the messianic album “Avatara” in which the bend presents itself in a Mexican supernatural alebrijes influenced physiological form becomes a number one gold disc on the Portuguese sales charts. The two Valdjiu directed videos “Blasted Empire”, filmed in exotic Morocco and “Sun goes down”, which gets to number one on Portugal’s MTV hot list, get Blasted Mechanism nominated for best Portuguese act on MTVE awards once more. With this new successful record, and perfected by percussionist Winga holder of extensive knowledge of traditional Africa the bend consolidates itself as a top act in its home country. Throughout 2006 the band ritualises recording sessions for the following album, “Sound in light”, which, once inserted on a computer, provides the download of a second free cd “Light in sound”. This Theosophical magical celebration, released in 2007, gets critical and public acclaim and gets to nº2 in the national charts. With a new album comes a new image and Blasted Mechanism reveal themselves in a regal look that mixes mysticism, ancient cultures, technology and inner magnetism. Throughout the years Blasted Mechanism have shared the stage with: Rage Against the Machine, Moby, Marylin Manson, Nick Cave, Beck, The Prodigy, Fantomas, Chemical Brothers, Patrice, Gentleman, System of a down, Asian dub foundation, amongst many others. In 2008, with a new member, Guitshu, the band conjures a powerful multi-dimensional concept that will be released on 2009. More info can be found at or Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.