There are two known bands that go by name of Boogieman. 1. boogieman (boogieman) is a new Japanese Visual band with a strong experienced line-up from the Visual Kei scene. They have a promising future considering their musical heritage! Their activities started at the end of 2008 and they released their first mini album in Januari 2009. Line up: Vocal: Shu (ex. heartless) Guitar: Yuana (ex. kagerou) Guitar: Akira (baroque) Bass: Bansaku (baroque) Drum: Yuuichirou (ex. metronome) Former member: Vocal: Junno (ex. beaU) 2. BoogieMan is a Swedish high-energy Rock'n'roll-band, they base their music on mountain moving grooves and heavy guitar riffs. This is soaring and stomping boogie rock with plenty of guts. After playing together for two intense years, BOOGIEMAN has gone through a lot. It all started with a jam session that later grow into a serious project. All members have had several years of experience in different bands before, but this time the constellation was perfect. The song writing started right away and after a few months BOOGIEMAN`S first demo was recorded. The choice fell on four songs, Red Sleeve, 14 Pictures, Lowest Point and Floating. By handing out hundreds of demos the name Boogieman was spread. The band gained their good reputation as a very power-full and entertaining live band by playing in clubs around Sweden. The next step BOOGIEMAN was winning a well-known music competition in Sweden. The jury's statement in the first heat; "Professional appearance, tight, dominated the stage, obvious winners" The jury's statement in the second heat; "that so few instruments can sound that BIG, the sweatiest band of the night, it is fun to watch people having fun on stage" The jury's statement in the final; "Professional stage appearance, powerful song material and a dynamic singer." This was the perfect lift for BOOGIEMAN. First price was to record an EP manufactured in 500 copies. They decided to re-record two of the older songs and three new ones. The songs where: Red Sleeve, 14 pictures, December, My Eyes and Infinity. This self-entitled EP was spread around the world and got a huge response. The reviews were all good and the gigs were increasing fast. Boogieman soon started to discuss the band's future with different record companies. One that caught the attention of BOOGIEMAN was the German record label "People Like You". After a few moths of discussion both parties agreed to sign a recording contract. They used the five songs from the EP and recorded another five to be released as their debut album. BOOGIEMAN`S debut album "Triple Six Blues" will be released the 19th of May 2003 and contains ten songs. Plans are being made for an upcoming European tour. BOOGIEMAN are: Hellvis - Vocals J.J Scat - Guitar Nikki - Bass guitar Tobbe - Drums Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.