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There are two bands with the name Borgia: (1).BORGIA is a Black Death Metal band formed in Paris in March 2003 by Géraud de Verenhe, whose lyrics mainly deal with the sick, occult, and mystical aspects of the Middle Ages. After the recording of their first demo, which was more Dark Metal influenced at the time but which already featured Géraud’s insane vocal delivery, the band went through various line-up changes that however did not prevent them to play their first gigs. In June 2004, tired of working with disinterested individuals , Géraud got rid of the other members. He then recruited a new guitarist, Charles d’Ocres (who had previously co-written the lyrics to one of their songs), with whom he soon found a new bass player, Aceste de Montauvert, as well as a new drummer, Jacques le Fol. With this line-up the music gained more intensity but most of all, it suited the lyrics perfectly. After a year and a half of intense writing and rehearsing, the band is finally ready to rise again, they thus play some gigs. In April 2006 comes the new demo : “Mandragore”. Jacques le Fol leaves the band in september of the same year. October 2006, Jehan “le méseau” (a.k.a. Seth of Eradicum Humanest) succeeds of Jacques. He then rerecords the drum parts and give a proper mix to ‘’Mandragore’‘. In 2007, the rhythm of concerts becoming intensified with gigs in Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Angers, Lille… Because of uninvolvement, Aceste is asked to leave the band on September 2007. Less than two months later Jehan ‘’le méseau’‘, following a huge disagreement about the creative process within BORGIA decides to leave the band. Nevertheless, the third demo “Amphythalamus Horroris” is out in December 2007. In January 2008, Heinrich Von Orn and Gilles de la Carnade (a.k.a. Anderswo of Kampf) become respectively the new bass player and the new drummer of BORGIA. As of 2010, Borgia are no more. Charles d’Ocres (guitars) and Gilles de la Carnade (drums) decided to leave the band and as a result, Géraud de Verenhe (vocals) called a halt to the band’s activities. (2). Borgia (Ioannis Voryias) was born in Athens,Greece in 1974.He is an indie multi-genre musician and improvisator but mostly he uses piano and keyboards as his expressive means, and most of the time he is improvising and composing piano music.He is influenced by nature,Greek philosophy,19th century composers , painters, writers,80's metal singers such as Crimson Glory's former legend singer Midnight and comic antiheroes like V .Borgia attended his preliminary music lessons in Athens, Greece and continued his studies in Europe with great composers and conductors but also have played with amazing street musicians so he found out that he sees music as free flowing energy and he believes the essence of music is not something to be learned through restrictive methods,but must be felt instead, discovered and experienced from within. So his dogma is that "music because of it's free nature it cannot be categorized or be segmented into genres so once is seen from a holistic view, then it can be explored as we gradually expand our musical horizon". Borgia is releasing a piano anthology of 2 albums called ''Absolut silence" where the main theme is about the pain we feel from the loss of our beloved person.Borgia says that the melodies are written in a code method that when you hear the music,"somehow" heals the pain you feel. In january 2011 Borgia realised in the internet the first album called ,"First sequence". Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.