Brad Paisley > Moonshine in the Trunk River Bank

Brad Paisley

River Bank


Well I won 2 dollars on a scratch-off ticket
So I went back to the counter and I bought 2 more with it
And I, won 10 bucks and that was just right
So, I bought a six pack and a bag of ice
You know even if our ship came in and this is all we got
It ain't like we really need a million dollar yacht, cause

We got an inner tube
We got a trailer hitch
We're near the river and far from rich
But we have got each other and gas in the tank
We're laughing all the way to the river bank

Still, can you imagine if we ever struck it
I'd go shoot tequila, take a lime and suck it
And we'd tell our bosses they can do the same
We'll find a big cruise ship and buy the whole bang thing
We'd sail around the world and go to shore in a dingy
But till that dream comes true why don't you grab your bikini


However it goes, we've got it made
Cause baby we can flow (behind the boat)
We can ride away