They are the sons of the south. They are the wicked west. Well-renowned in the evil east, they won't be caught dead north of Dixie. Breaux is a combination of what the word sounds like -- Bro -- and its French suffix meaning more than one in the masculine tense. And that's what Breaux is -- just a bunch of bros out to play music and have a good time. The band is, simply put, dirty southern party metal. With their catchy riffs, classic solos and epic songs, this Salt Lake City, Utah-based band brings the fun back into the metal scene. Their goofy stage antics and high-energy live show have energized even the most dead of concerts in genres varying from metal to hardcore to light rock. They're heavier than ETID, more southern than He is Legend and groovier than Maylene. The band is equal parts metal, southern and rock. Its influences range from All Shall Perish to Lynyrd Skynyrd to A Day To Remember. This variance in backgrounds gives Breaux the fire, groove and fun it's known for. After two years, a month-long trek with Picture it in Ruins and countless weekend romps through the west, the boys brought the party to the studio. The ensuing damage manifested in a rowdy tribute to all things southern. The six tracks bring out everything that a good ol' boy might encounter nowadays, including finding dates in liquor-store parking lots ("Handlebar Mustache"), wraslin' bulls ("Spittin' Fire"), fightin' werewolves ("The Taste of Silver") and writing home from Iraq ("Freedom"). Wal-Mart parking lots be warned--Breaux is hitting the road and bringing the party again this summer. And this time, no bottle of Jack will go unemptied, no truckstop bathroom will go undefiled and no town will be the same. America needs them more than ever, and by God, Breaux will be remembered. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.