Bruce Black

Male, 29, United States Registered: 14 Nov 2007 On the 13th of August, Bruce Black was born on Long Island, New York. At the age of six, Black first took interest in music after listening to the radio, hearing the layers of vocals, and musical instruments blending together making a beautiful sound through a black box. After he moved to South Carolina, Black sought to expand his knowledge of music by joining the band in middle school. He became a part of Winds section, playing the clarinet and in high school, he became familiar with playing the drums, and later the piano. In his years at South Carolina State University, Bruce became a member of the marching band. As a well known Bongo Brother, their exclusive style won much favor among the people and various colleges across the states because of their exciting performances. By this time, Bruce knew he wanted to move people through music, watching the excitement and life it brought to the crowds, incorporating all he had attained, into producing skills. After college, Black returned to his home of New York where he would observe the blueprint of the music business, such as producing, vocal techniques, presentation, yet remaining true to his own ideas and style. A friend of Black’s helped him obtain the right equipment, to pull all of the sounds, rhythms, and musical arrangements that came to him, playing over and over again in his mind. From his mind, into the recording system, Black did the research himself on how to properly use the equipment and produce his music, keeping a small library of resources along side the equipment. His fascination and hunger to produce would make Bruce a perfectionist when it came to producing tracks, lyrics, and flawless vocals, working days and nights without rest. His leadership, unique and fresh techniques would lead him to start his own record company called, Dark Corna Records. Some of his earlier work can be heard on, where he reached the number one spot in the R&B charts and Acapella charts with "Thug Love" and his own "Acapella" respectively. His first compilation album from Dark Corna Records, started a buzz among the young audience back in South Carolina, showcasing his flavor of R&B, Hip-Hop, and pure vocals. However, Bruce wanted to focus on the completion his own album, which lead him back to New York, connecting with a few old friends that would help produce a few songs for the album, already entitled, "The Black Book". Completion of the album is expected to be near the middle of March of 2007. Already, tracks such as, "Forever" and "Turn Around" co-produced by Al West, are receiving much approval and praise from thousands of people across the globe. Black is already making his mark via web radio, which gives the underground artist a greater audience to appeal to than just a local station. At Enterprise103, his track "Forever" took the number 2 spot on the Top 15 Chart, just after two months. At QSJ Radio, he was appointed Artist of the Month, a position completely in the hands of listeners all over the world. His harmony and vocal arrangements places him in that exclusive category of an artist like no other. This year, Bruce Black Music will expose a new level of music as Black brings soul back to R&B and Hip-Hop. Welcome to Enterprise103 Your number 1 webradio Broadcasting 24/7 live from The Netherlands Top15 of Most Requested Songs August 2007 1 Zhain - Reachout 2 Willy Nelson ft Carlos Santana - They all went 3 Ronny V - Efteling Dance Medley 4 Inina Gap - Groovy Lute 5 Anders Manga - Empire on the sun 6 Guus Meeuwis - Brabant 7 Ultrabeat - Pretty green eyes 8 Peru - Afrika remix 9 Young Fire - I'll never love again 10 Bruce Black - Turn Around 11 Bruce Black - 4 Ever 12 CorleeMad - I am what I am 13 Young Fire - Here we go again 14 Gabry Ponte - La bambolina 15 CorleeMad - Nothing's for free Bruce Black _ 2 Songs in Top 15 List Most Requested: Bruce Black - 2 Songs in Top 15 LIST---Myspace artists of the Enterprise103 friendslist achieved a top15 ranking Top15 of Most Requested Songs July 2007 (an almost complete myspace top15 !!) 1 Zhain - No Hay Cuchara (58) 2 Zhain - Morning Dew (54) 3 Bruce Black - Finally (53) 4 Zhain - Reachout (51) 5 Afrika - Peru (48) 6 Zhain - Danger Zone (44) 7 Young Fire - Here we go again (35) 8 Young Fire - My love, my joy ... (35) 9 Carlos - The Silmarilla 2007 (31) 10 CorleeMad - I am what I am (30) 11... 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