Formed in Milwaukee in 1996 as "The Buzz", this quartet began rehearsing and writing material for an extended period of time. The band's lineup consisted of Bert Zweber (guitars), Ryan Mueller (vocals), Todd Joseph (bass), and Rob Bueno (drums). Lead singer Ryan Mueller, who held down a job as a construction worker, continued to amass songs to build up a live set. In 1997, after changing its name to Buzzhorn, the group began performing around the Milwaukee club circuit. In 1998, the group recorded its debut album, self-producing it on a very tight budget. The end result was "A Complete Package Of Action-Packed Tragedies". The record drew instant praise among local music critics and the band's live show was excellent. In 2000, Buzzhorn self-released an EP and expanded its touring horizons to include Chicago and Kansas City. A label representative from Atlantic Records heard the band and signed them to a contract in January, 2001. Mueller quit his job as a construction worker and the band headed to Los Angeles to record. In 2002, Buzzhorn released its debut single Ordinary which was followed by Disconnected in July, 2002. The group has been praised for striking a balance between "melodic moodiness and stadium-sized power". Buzzhorn has been compared to Creed, Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. It has also toured with Monster Magnet. They released 2 independent CD's before signing to Atlantic records in 2001. The Buzzhorn worked with producer Howard Benson (Papa Roach, P.O.D., Cold, Hoobastank) on their major label debut Disconnected The Buzzhorn's major label debut brought them great praise for bringing a fresh approach to the hard rock world, with quotes from Hit Parader magazine labeling The Buzzhorn as "the new hard rock rookies of the year" as well as a 4 star review from metal edge magazine. The Buzzhorn has toured with Seether, Injected, Deftones, Default, Jerry Cantrell as well as many other groups in support of Disconnected. The Buzzhorn has currently fulfilled their obligation with Atlantic Records and are searching for a new label to call home. The Buzzhorn has a song on the video game "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2" called "Ordinary". The band split in 2003 after completing their contract with Atlantic Records. Following the completion of the band's contract, Joseph moved to California and now works on projects and producing acts. Zweber joined a local Milwaukee band called King Gun made up of former members of the Milwaukee hard rock act Big Dumb Dick. King Gun only released a three song demo in 2004. The lead singer of King Gun reformed Big Dumb Dick in early 2008 and has recruited Bert as their new guitarist replacing Paris Ortiz. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.