Cabaret Decadance

Cabaret Decadance is a troupe of renegade burlesquers from "Little Egypt" (aka Southern Illinois). As for "burlesque," the only stripping the Cabaret does is of the "wool" society tries to pull over our eyes. The Decadancers are burlesquers in the original sense: they perform social parody & satire. Clare de Lune's songs are true to her motto "mock softly and carry a big shtick!" She playfully lampoons our ways of life and love, and these stories are comically interpreted in slap-stick mime by the dancers. There's always a lot going on and that adds up to a dense experience of time-traveling music, spectacular dance, and comic thought provoking narrative. It's tastefully bawdy and frankly sexy from a refreshingly empowered feminine perspective. The aesthetic is quaintly bawdy and playfully old-timey, but these vaudeville pranksters not historical preservationists or re-enactors, they are merry anachronists. They mine the past for genres of "obsolete culture" left behind by the corporate culture industry. Their vintage beats and circus feel have put them on playlists for dark cabaret, circus punk, steampunk, gypsy jazz and other genres partial to waltzes, glamour, and life's amusing ironies. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.