CANBY started life as a side project of Scott Yoshimura, drummer for the inde rock band The Envy Corps. Don’t let his prior work give you any preconceived ideas; that it’ll sound the same, that this is just a here-today-gone-tomorrow side project – nothing could be further from the truth: Canby’s music speaks for itself. The first thing you’ll notice is the baritone smoothness of Scott’s voice. People used to seeing Scott behind a drum kit will be pleasantly surprised. Aside from branching out to singing and songwriting, Yoshimura also played most of the instruments on his EP. The layered instrumentation makes a great backdrop for Yoshimura’s strong vocals. Even though the singer/songwriter gig is new to Yoshimura, the resulting music is anything but amateur. Scott Yoshimura is known locally for his work with The Envy Corps but his work on several side-projects (The Magazines, etc.) have left him with a new reputation – an extremely talented musician with such a positive attitude that you can’t help but be infected by. Yoshimura’s work under the Canby name is, in a word, beautiful. Its earnest. Its endearing. It becomes obvious that he loves making music, especially this music that’s so close to his heart. Yoshimura’s touch on the lyrics and music leave a lasting impression on the listener. Grab the “Infancy” EP at his next live show and look for his stellar full-length album this Spring. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.