Carrion Crow

Carrion Crow has beed created in autumn 2005 by drummer - Adam Leniart and guitarist - Łukasz Tałpa. While looking for a place to play, to the band has joined second guitarist - Mirek Markowicz, in the future vocalist as well. In that team Carrion Crow has been playing for six months when to the band has joined Jakub Szyndlar who is playing on the bass and will sing in the future. From now on, Carrion Crow has beed creating their own style, which was a mix of others styles, but the most accurate style they where playing was melodious heavy metal. After year to the band has joined Carrion Crow's first vocalist - Marcin Miziołek. In that squad the band has debuted on the scene. After some weeks, Marcin Miziołek has beed expeled from the band. In that case Mirek Markowicz and Jakub Szyndlar has taken over Marcin's role in the band, and they have became vocalists. In the course of time the music that Carrion Crow has been playing for year, started to change into Progressive Metal, which they are playing for todays day. Todays band squad is: Adam Leniart - Percussion Łukasz Tałpa - Guitar Mirek Markowicz - Guitar And Vocal Jakub Szyndla - Bass And Vocal Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.