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There are two groups named Cenobites: A psychobilly group currently recording and performing, and a hip hop group from the 90's featuring Kool Keith and Godfather Don. The psychobilly Cenobites was influenced by fifties rocknroll, punkrock and raw psychobilly bands, like Demented are Go, Motorhead, Exploited and Elvis. Over the years they developed their self-proclaimed cenodemonicsounds. Cenobites was founded January 1994 in the Netherlands as a trio consisting of Alien – guitar and singer, Horrible Hak – double bass and Creepy Kiel – drums. But like with all bands this line-up did not last very long. So bassplayer and guitarists came and went until P.G. Vogeli joined them in the summer of ’95 and guitarplayers Jeff and Michell in ’99. Because Alien did not just play guitar but also was the singer, they had to find a replacement on vocals as well. They found the right guy in Dimitri. With this line-up they built up their current reputation. Just before a tour in Germany (2002) Jeff and Michel were replaced with Wally (Walter). So it was four of a kind until Kiel also left the band after ten years. Rudy Röss replaced him for a while. With him they recorded the "Snakepit Vibrations album", which he helped produce. He stayed with the band for about a year and a half untill he found out that their thing was not his thing. Now Nik Reitsma is beating the cans like crazy. When they were recording "Blue Fandango" they ran into bad wheather again. Wally had some private business to take care off. He left the band and was replaced by Rudo, who has been the founding member of Dutch hardcore legends I-reject.. At the end of 2007 Wes 13 joined Cenobites to play 2nd guitar. In oktober of 2008 NIk leaves the band to concentrate on his carreer as profesional drummer and Rudy Ross returned to the band. Current line up: Dimitri - vox Peter Vogeli - double bass Rudy Ross - drums Rudo - guitar Wes 13 - guitar Cenobites was also the name of a hip hop group/project featuring Kool Keith of Ultramagnetic MC's and Godfather Don. The first of many one-off Kool Keith collaborations, the duo released an EP in 1993 which was later expanded for LP and CD editions. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.