Control the Storm

Control the Storm was founded in 2010 with a shared view to write and record passionate and exciting metal with unfaltering conviction. Rich Shillitoe, Daryl Barrett-Cross, Gareth Arlett and Raedon Mac decided to form Control the Storm as they had all worked well in a previous band and started working on the bands concept and music with drive and fervour. After a surprisingly short hunt for a vocalist, CTS drafted Hayley Martin after being recommended by Raedon. The final piece of the puzzle was introduced in July 2010 when Becky Baldwin joined as bass player. The hunt for the CTS sound – Right from the beginnings of the band, Rich had a view of the overall sound and image that should develop. After years of writing and recording demos at his own studio he took them to the band and they all started working on them to improve and craft the music and discussing a mutual direction to take. With a mutual love of melody and power, showcased from common influences such as EVERGREY, DELAIN, SCAR SYMMETRY, DEVIN TOWNSEND, AFTER FOREVER and AYREON, Control the Storm set about writing more songs to complete a live set which they would feel best presented their work as well as would leave an audience captivated. In the mean time they decided to record a 3 track demo to showcase their flair to the world and get them on the first step up the ladder. With the hunger of potential stardom and unfaltering determination they start their journey to write, record and perform music to take your soul to new levels. Control the Storm are undeniably focused on what they want to achieve from their music. They do not wish to be labelled as ‘another female fronted metal band’ but strive to be recognised and accepted as a group that sets trends, changes peoples lives and touch their hearts. Look out world, there’s a storm heading your way! CONTROL THE STORM use and abuse the following equipment: Ibanez Guitars ESP Guitars Jackson Guitars Line 6 Amplification Roland Electronics Peavey Amplification Engl Cabinets Rickenbacker Basses Mapex Drums Sabian Cymbals Vic Firth Sticks Axis Pedals Ddrum Electronics Alesis Electronics Remo Heads Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.