There are several artists with this name: 1) Short Biography : Cristal was founded March 2004 by guitarist Michael Paradjian and his dream finally came true with today’s line-up completed in July 2005 with the arrival of new singer Jérôme Leduc who brought the missing ingredient to the band. Since the beginning, the musical direction was turned to melodic and fast metal, more precisely neoclassical power metal with little progressive tendency. Members of Cristal were selected following their technical skills, age and human qualities. Sacha Swierczynski joined the band in summer 2004 as keyboards player. In september 2004, they were joined by drummer Benjamin Elleboudt and in February 2005, Hiro Onishi arrived as bass player. About their first demo : Here We Are was recorded and mixed with a very little budget in only three days time. Many instrumental embellishments were not recorded because of lack of time. However, the members of the band do believe that it gives a very good idea of what they are able to create and what Cristal could sound like with a more professional recording. For those reasons, we decided to send you Here We Are to have your opinion (chronic, interview, review or anything else). 2) 70s Romanian pop/rock band from Galati lead by Puiu Cretu. 3) Trio from Richmond, VA. Released one CD EP and one full length CD on the All is Number label. New LP/digital LP "Re-Ups" released on August 18, 2008 on the FSS label. All Music Guide describes Cristal as "Following in the exploratory vein of any number of nineties dark ambient/isolationist composers." De Subjectivisten Caleidoscoop writes that Cristal is "…an electronic variant on Sunn O))) with the thoughtful art of Labradford, the electro-noise of Aube, the dark consonant landscapes of Deathprod, and the white noise of Bruce Gilbert..." 4) Born in the megalopolis of Sao Paolo, Cristal draws most of her inspiration from the rich Brazilian musical culture (samba, coco, baiao…). She also has a passion for the singing traditions of the world and cites Luis Gonzaga, Elis Regina, Billie Holliday or Nina Simone as influential in her resolution to become a singer and songwriter. “As far as I can remember, singing has always been my favorite game as a child”, she says, “but the idea of writing my own songs came much later”. Dupla Pena (Allergy To Consciousness Version) is her debut single (part of the acclaimed singles series released on EnT-T). She is currently working on her album. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.