D. Nurpeisova

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Dina Nurpeisova (Kazakh: Дина Нұрпейіскеліні, Russian: Ди́на Нурпеи́сова, born Beketai-Kum, 1861, died Almaty, 1955) was a Kazakh composer, musician and actress. She composed for the dombra in the traditional kuy genre (“Bulbul”, “Asemkonyr”, “Baizhuma”, “Zhiger” and others). She learned to play the dombra from her father and the teacher Kurmangazy Sagyrbaev. Her career represents a transitional stage, a link between the classical past and the current state dombra music. The transition is characterised by complexity and discrepancy, it is noted by important events in a political life of the people. Nurpeisova passed through all these tests and began the activity in an environment of her favourite teachers and instructors, and during peace post-war time transferred great achievement of classics arts of dombra play. Nurpeisova precisely kept themes of kuyand all features of the form in her interpretations, but at the same time it dramatized all musical images and executed kuys in bright, masterly, psychologically intense manner, breaking inherent of kuys balance, doing their aggravated, tempo-unstable, with more active development All her life she improved the play, having reached that highest skill which allows according to eyewitnesses, to speak about her unsurpassed dombra play technics. Nurpeisova's compositions became classics Kazakh dombra music: the kuys: “Bulbul”, «Kogen tup», “Baizhuma”, «16 years», «Asem konur», «Toy bastar», «the Order of mother», “Sauynshy”, «the 8th March» and others. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.