DC Slater is from New York USA DC Slater is a guitarist with amazing technical control over his instrument, as well as an exceptionally accurate sense for both rhythm and pitch. At age sixteen, guitarist DC Slater was influenced by the playing styles of two rock guitar legends: Edward Van Halen and Joe Satriani. He spent his remaining high school years playing guitar religiously while laying the groundwork for his own style, based heavily on lengthy legato runs and tapping techniques. He quickly became known amongst his peers and instructors for his technical control over the instrument, as well as his exceptionally accurate sense for both rhythm and pitch. Slater has gigged with The 4th, an original hard rock band from New Jersey, where he spent five years writing songs and playing live shows throughout the NY metro area. The 4th parted ways, and the break up prompted Slater to begin working on his debut instrumental album, appropriately entitled "Decisions". His follow up for 2007 is entitled Altitude - a blistering hard rock collection designed to take the listener up to 30,000 feet and back. DC Slater's third full-length studio album, Follow The Sun, features 10 solid, new instrumental tracks that are an absolute "must have" for anyone into guitar oriented rock jams! Jason Warburg (The Daily Vault) has stated. "A fret-frying melodic rocker whose live show would have the air guitarists out in force and the rest of the crowd studying his fingers' every twitch for clues." Jimmy Caterine (Caterine Music) adds. "Between beautifully thought out melodic passages and some slight variation into the exotic, Slater gives each composition personality," while Matt Cafissi (Guitar Chef Magazine) chips in with, "Melodic rock very well produced and played... the result, to say the least, is astonishing!" Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.