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Dance Gavin Dance

Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most


Do you feel her touch?
It's almost impossible to hold still
Maybe we can go back to the way it was
Well, at least, let me love you the same

I've got lies to tell your children
when my smile pierces through your bones
Right through your bones
The grass is green inside my yard
I can make you laugh so fucking hard it hurts you
inside your bones

When she talks, I listen
She's in the shower and her skin glistens
Like, oh my god, I like it
Like, oh oh god, I like it
I suggest a drive, lets take the back road
Lets get lost lets lose our minds
Hey, little girl, i think we found it tonight
I think we glow that fucking bright, oh
And when she laughs I like it
Like oh ha ha ha ha ha

Holy shit she smells like heaven
Been best friends since we were eleven
And oh my god I like her..
Yeah, I heard you like her...
Baby, I thought that we had something
Compared to him I'm next to nothing
Oh my god I like her...
Yeah I heard you like her...

I am a million fucking bucks
I am a thousand fucking fucks
Your bitch is dead, she was hit by a truck
What the fuck!