Daron Norwood

Born and raised in Texas, Daron Norwood began singing Gospel music with his evangelistic family at a very early age. After three family albums, Daron was convinced music would be his life. At the age of nineteen Daron left Texas and moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of music. Many songs later his work began to payoff when his first single "If It Wasn't For Her I Wouldn't Have You" was released to radio on Giant Records. Billboard Magazine voted this top twenty song the Most Requested and Replayed Song of that year. Daron followed this mid-tempo song with a very energetic song entitled, "Cowboys Don't Cry," another top twenty for Norwood, "Bad Dog No Biscuit" , "My Girl Friday" and "If I Ever Love Again" all of which were released on Giant Records. Lorrie Morgan selected Daron to write and record "Little Boy Lost" which is found on the Keith Whitley Tribute album. Daron was presented a Gold Record for this achievement. Throughout the past two years, Daron's schedule has been filled with performances at fairs, festivals, and casino shows. When Daron is not on tour he enjoys spending his down time with his wife, Kim, and daughter, Krista, in Texas. During this time off, he and Kim devote much of their time to school assemblies. His program called "Keep It Straight" was developed by Daron to warn children of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Daron has spoken to over 200,000 kids of all ages in the past three years. Daron believes if you can help one child make the right decisions in life, another life may be saved. Whether playing alone or with his band, you will never lack for high-energy entertainment. Daron is an accomplished musician as well as a singer/songwriter/entertainer. He plays the piano, guitar, bass and on a wild night you may even see him behind the drums. He is very excited about the new material he has written and is in the process of recording it for a new CD. Throughout the past two years, Daron has enjoyed working with many of his favorite entertainers such as: Lorrie Morgan, Billy Ray Cyrus, Diamond Rio, John Anderson, Tracy Lawerence, Merle Haggard and many more. Dedicated fans return time and time again to see and feel the excitement of his show. Daron's performance is guaranteed to keep everyone on the edge of their seat as they feel the true emotions of a natural born entertainer. Source: Daron's official site (no longer available) Daron Norwood blends the conviction of gospel and the soul of country into one of the most powerful voices in contemporary country music. A natural, charismatic performer since the age of two, when he stood fearlessly on a chair beside his father, a Baptist evangelist, and sang his heart out, Daron has had one goal his entire life...to be a country artist! Discovered by Danny Davenport, who also discovered country superstar Travis Tritt, Daron was born in Lubbock, Texas. At nineteen he finished high school in his hometown of Tahoka, Texas, where he was a star football player. But his true love was country music, not only the singing, but the writing...and the lure of Music City, USA was calling - and Daron answered the call. In a very short time Daron's incredible energy has positioned him to play piano for artisis Jim Ed Brown, Rex Allen Jr. and Shelly West. Witht he aid of music publisher Mike O'Rear, a demo tape of Daron's found it's way to John Gallichio, ownerof the Buckboard Country Music Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia. Gallichio was so instantly impressed with Norwood that he invited him to play a spot on the club's talent night. That appearance, and the ensuing crowd reaction, catapulted Daron to a regular slot at the Buckboard, which he now calls home. Enter Danny Davenport, who brought Daron to the attention of James Stroud, President of Giant Records/Nashville. Stroud was so taken with Daron's natural ability to write, sing, and entertain, he immediately signed him to giant's ever increasing roster of country stars. In Stroud's words, "Daron is that rare talent who is absolutely undeniable." Daron's self-titled Giant debut is set for release in January, 1994, with his first single, "If It Wasn't For Her," hitting the airwaves of country radio November 1, 1993. In the meantime, Daron is pounding the pavement and doing what he does best, electrifying the country club scene across America and thrilling audiences with his incredible energy and talent - and this time he doesn't even have to stand on a chair! Source: 1994 Press Release On November 5, 1995, Norwood decided to quit his career as a country singer because of his addiction to alcohol. He told the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal that during that time period, he was taking 20 to 25 shots of Jack Daniels a night. Norwood also serves as a motivational speaker. His program, called "Keep It Straight", was developed to warn children of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. On April 15, 2008, Norwood was arrested in Crestview, Florida, for allegedly battering his wife.Following a complete investigation, the charges were dropped Provided by Braveheart53 Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.