The beginning of Deaden is a rather lengthy matter. Founded by Ethan and Drew in 1992, early years were fraught with member changes and an ever evolving style. The band became a solid state in 1995 with the addition of Von. While previous inceptions of Deaden produced a two song and an unreleased six song demo, 1995 found the band finally defining a permanent style with the release of a two song demo containing the songs "…And the Dead Shall Rot" and "Lying in a Ditch" followed by the six song demo Feast on the Flesh of the Dead in 1996. Armed with these recordings, Deaden began an onslaught of promotion and live performances that quickly solidified their place in the death metal underground along side bands such as Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Mortal Decay, Fleshgrind and Lividity. In the spring of 1997, Deaden released their landmark LP Hymns of the Sick. A sonic onslaught of sickness and brutality, Hymns combined Deaden’s established sound with a new complexity and advanced song structure that pushed the band higher in the ranks of the death metal underground. Beyond it’s musical complexity, Hymns presented a visual image of gore unmatched at the time by any other band. The realistic visual imagery helped spawn a new direction of gore in the underground. 1998 and 1999 proved to be successful years for Deaden as the band toured in support of Hymns. The strength of their live performance proved to be an unstoppable force that drew more and more people to each performance. Fledgling label united Guttural took notice and signed Deaden as thier first band. With attendance up and Hymns selling well, the band seemed poised for success as they prepared for their next release. Unfortunately, the summer and fall of 1999 brought troubles as Ethan developed sever tendonitis in both arms and was forced to stop playing. Taking the opportunity for a well deserved break, the band agreed to regroup after Ethan’s injuries healed. Fast forward to 2004. After nearly five years Deaden has finally regrouped and is preparing fresh material for their second full length release Displaying the Art of Carnage. Coinciding with the mid to late 2005 release date, the band will be returning to the stage with new bassist/vocalist Jake Lahniers taken from: Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.