Members: Vocal 楓-KAEDE- →DERAIL→Stir(yu-ji) Guitar 魁-KAI- →DERAIL→ Guitar 刹那-SETSUNA- →DERAIL→ Bass 亜紀-AKI- →DERAIL、Syndromeサポート→ジャッカル(ナオヤ)→ Drums 澪流-MINA- →DERAIL→Mudgett→D=OUT(ミナセ) Band from theMatina label, formed in the beginning of 2002 by KAEDE (vocal), KAI and SETSUNA (guitars), AKI (at that time was a support member in Syndrome) on bass and MINA (drums). They released the demo-tape "Vital Vision" on february, the maxi-singles "Leaves" and "Secret Lover" on may and on august respectively, besides the single "D:I" also on august. On december 25 released their first mini-album "Fifth Shapes", and on december 31 they participated in the Last Live from Matina at "On Air Osaka" with Gazette, Vidoll, Karen, Garden, Mist of Rouge, Azalea, Lubis Cadir, Mar'derayla, Garnet, Sugar Trip, Koroshi, Allure Idea, Eze:quL, etc. With the end of Matina, only a few bands continued, unfortunately Derail wasn't one of them. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.