Destructo Swarmbots

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Destructo Swarmbots was born from the imagination of Mike Mare, who remains the stalwart captain of the vessel that endlessly explores the furthermost reaches of experimental music. Born and raised in New York City, Mare started Swarmbots in 2001. Influenced by the sound of the city, and generally not intrigued by what was happening in music, the first Swarmbots sounds were ear-blistering instrumental manifestos hoping to decapitate whatever they came in contact with. Never wanting to impose conventions on his music, Mare has allowed Swarmbots to grow at it's own pace and on it's own terms. This has led to unique opportunities, including the inclusion of member Joshua Booth. As a former member of All Natural Lemon Lime Flavors, classical composer and music professor at Rutgers University, Booth is a core part of the group's sound. The duo of Mare and Booth, working together as Swarmbots, also joined the group Dälek, touring the world pulling double-duty shifts in both groups. Currently, Mare and Booth both compose music for Swarmbots while Mare tours independently. The recorded material as well as the live performances continue to change and progress, with added tortured rhythmic elements actually making showgoers dance (where they use to just stare in hypnotic fear). It's hard to find a review of a Destructo Swarmbots album that doesn't include the adjective "cinematic" in relation to the sound. Naturally, soundscapes and film scores have been a natural progression for Mare, who has recently completed music for the films Lay Me Down by Shinako Sudo, which is currently traveling the festival circuit and Cipher by Neil Kendricks (The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA). Besides television, commercial and film work, Mare has been working on collaborations and remixes. 2009 saw the release of MGR y Destructo Swarmbots (Neurot Recordings), a collaboration between Mare and Mike Gallagher of ISIS fame. Destructo Swarmbots remixes include: ISIS, Genghis Tron, Darsombra, Goes Cube, Thrushes, and Action Beat, among others. Live performances continue to a place of exploration and experimentation for Mare. While he performs independently as Destructo Swarmbots, he also uses the opportunity to collaborate with many others, including Oddateee, Action Beat, Darsombra, Guilty Connector and Griots & Gods(the collaboration of The Young Gods and Dälek). It's unclear what opportunities will come next for Destructo Swarmbots, scoring films, performing with an orchestra, making people dance to drone/pop.... Whatever happens, the music will continue to live a life of it's own. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.