Dilo vs. Gurtz

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:: About Dilo: Living high among a forest of skyscrapers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Franco Di Lorenzo (a.k.a. Dilo and Elephant Pixel) works diligently in his home studio. His musical tastes and influences include IDM, abstract hip-hop, indie rock, folk, minimal techno, click and electro -- all of which are represented throughout his various music productions. In 2003, Dilo (alongside Bruno De Vincenti a.k.a. Ivan Johnson) launched the cd label, Zensible. In 2005, he launched his own cd & mp3 label, Igloo, a musical platform that incarnates itself through electronic musicĀ“s more innovative and versatile genres, stemming from IDM onwards to Minimal. In 2006 Dilo was included in the compilation "Aires Buenos" (Unfoundsound15). The same year Dilo produced a track for the essential french label Telegraph, included in the Post Office Special Argentina Madness (tel30), a compilation that brought together a new generation of experimental minimal techno artists from Argentina, including Seph, Violett, Franco Cinelli, Gurtz, Funzion, Jorge Savoretti & Leonel Castillo. His music is currently released or forthcoming on Igloo and also Telegraph, Roman-Photo, Less iz More, Einmaleins, Esperanza, Adjunct, Unfoundsound, Sinergy Networks, Produkt, Leftroom, and others. Dilo was remixed by artists such as Dandy Jack, (a)pendics.shuffle, Dapayk, Franco Cinelli, From Karaoke to Stardom, Seuil, Barem, Shadi Megallaa, Gurtz, Funzion, and others, and have remixed artists like Sutekh, DissOnance, (a)pendics.shuffle, Kasper & Papol, QiK, Gurtz, Funzion, etc. His live and dj sets have been heard in Argentina, Columbia, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, Romania, Bielorusia, Costa Rica & Uruguay -- playing alongside people like Akufen, Sonja Moonear, Someone else, Monolake, Plaid, Alex Smoke, Raresh, Machine Drum and others. Nowadays he spends his time between Buenos Aires, London and Berlin; working on his projects and playing live/dj sets. :: About Gurtz Gurtz, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, approached electronic and digital music towards the end of the 90s through the use of different software of production, edition and audio sequencing on PC. From 1999 till 2003 he studied classical music and composition but at the same time he explored different genres from ambient to minimal, via idm, downtempo, and electroacoustic music. He performs live in various events, and is gradually bringing his sound to the dance floor and to modern electronic music. Since 2005 Gurtz has been releasing his music on labels like Einmaleins, Telegraph, Alphahouse, Roman Photo, Adjunct, Pariter, and more. His live and dj sets have been heard in Argentina, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Italy. His current direction is combining sounds and textures of experimental music with the groove and energy of minimal tecno for the dance floor. He is also promoting some differents musical genres and artists through his net label www.naturalmedia.com.ar Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.