Don Johnson Big Band

Don Johnson Big Band is a Finnish hip-hop/electronic band. It consists of four people: Tommy Lindgren (vocals), Kari Saarilahti (drums, guitar, bass), Johannes Laiho (piano, synthesizer) and Pekka Mikkonen (sax, flute). Despite their name, they are not a big band and although they are quite often classified as hip-hop their unique sound combines hip-hop, electronic, jazz, soul, rock and pop. Among other things. DJBB is described by many as a superb, energetic live act, but especially their recent albums tend to focus on slower songs that are quite thoughtful. They're usually balanced with some infectous party jams and other types of songs, but despite this their albums are quite cohesive. The name "Don Johnson Big Band" comes from the actor Don Johnson in the series Miami Vice. It was invented as a joke when they were booking a rehearsal time and were asked for the band's name. Releases include singles One MC, One Delay (2003), Jah Jah Blow Job (2003), Road (2006), Busy Relaxin' (2006) and Private Intentions (2006), and albums Support de Microphones (2000), Breaking Daylight (2003) and Don Johnson Big Band (2006). The Japanese release of the self titled album contains tracks from both Breaking Daylight and Don Johnson Big Band, but uses the latter's cover art. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.