Drist was a minor US punk-metal band from the San Francisco Bay area. Formed in 1997 in San Mateo California by Tyson Yen, Brian Da Motta, David Pearl and Chris Koenig. The word "Drist" is a Welsh word, and is translated into "Sad". The band's full length debut Bitter Halo was released in 2003, followed in 2006 by Orchids and Ammunition. Drist's "Decontrol" is one of the bonus songs in the PlayStation 2 game, Guitar Hero and the song "Arterial Black" is featured in its sequel, Guitar Hero 2. Marcus Henderson also provided guitar work for 20 of the 30 covers in the original game. Henderson left the group in early '06 and was replaced by Tyson Yen's brother, Shauncho, former guitarist of now defunct So-Cal progressive rock band X-Cell Factor. Since then Drist put out Science of Misuse with the lineup rounded out by lead guitarist Cat. Shortly after the release of Science of Misuse , Drist decided to disband. Tyson, Dave and Cat have since regrouped and formed "State Line Empire" with a EP planned for a Summer release and some of there new tunes to be featured on Rock Band. Stay tuned as SLE is generating a lot of BUZZ. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.