Eon Megahertz

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After the long-awaited release of their first E.P. "Computer Compatible" in 2002 (sold out), followed by exhausting promotional tours (2003/2004), after having bought a new set of clothes (the former ones having been torn apart by fans), the members of Eon Megahertz recorded, in late of 2004, the L.P. "Members of the Evil Trance and its Exclusive Organization" (M.E.T.E.OR.) and keep playing in every venue to prepare its release in January 2006... Their influences mostly come from Rock'n'roll (Stooges, Cramps, Elvis...), and also from anything that might sound good in electro (Suicide, LTNo...), Latin music or crooners from the 50's... "Members of the Evil Trance and its Exclusive Organization" is a clear, and easy to listen to record, in which you'll learn jealously kept secrets and techniques used by expert hypnotists to cause the 'Evil Trance'. Discover how subjects are hypnotized without their knowledge or cooperation. Learn tricks and shortcuts used to hypnotise easily. Learn amazing techniques like the 'fake nerve pressure' method used to hypnotize a subject in minutes without his knowledge -- yet it is quite harmless. Hear, for the first time ever, how to use a common and simple finger trick to hypnotise one single person or a roomful of people without their knowledge. This secret method is so dramatic and effective, it's worth the low price of this record alone! Become yourself, just like Eon Megahertz and thousands of people throughout the world, an active member of the M.E.T.E.OR.! Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.