Ernesto Tomasini

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Amazing Tomasini (The Guardian). The famous castrato-style performer whose high falsetto can plummet to deep baritone with startling effect (The Evening Standard). The most exciting and flamboyant personality to shake up the opera world since Klaus Nomi (Frontiers Magazine). The modern day Farinelli (Il Corriere della Sera). A remarkable voice (The Financial Times). Singer of cult status (The British Theatre Guide). An outstanding voice, an imposing presence (The Sunday Times). Flamboyant and wonderful (The Guardian). An amply characterful voice, a banshee falsetto (The Independent). A star! ( An impressive, reverberating range. His vocal cavortings bring to mind the operatic qualities of the castrati (The Scotsman). Such a charismatic, emotional performer. An extraordinarily powerful voice. When he sings high, the visceral, otherworldly sound is as close as a modern singer can get to the sound of the male sopranos. Surreal (What's On). Cult diva (The Face). Hypnotically watchable. Possessor of a remarkable voice (The Times). He makes quite an impression for he oozes personality and demonstrates an impressive vocal range (The Stage). Prominent figure in the avant-garde circuits with a sexy voice that reproduces the essence of eunuch singers (La Repubblica). His voice is phenomenal and very beautiful. As a rock critic, I've heard many rock singers sing falsetto, but none with the kind of ease and breadth of range that Ernesto possesses (Valerie Potter - Q). Maria Callas possessed by Satan ( A most extraordinary voice (Heathen Harvest). Sublime Sicilian performer of the "castrato-style" (Rumore). A great, multicoloured theatrical presence. A mix between Maria Callas and Carmelo Bene, he boasts an extraordinary voice and a special gift as entertainer (LoudVision). The next star in the same firmament of the various Antony and The Johnsons, Marc Almond, Baby Dee and all those who exhalt the more androginous part of the "bel canto" (Freak Out). Actor, singer and bird of paradise, he shows what his voice - between Farinelli and Klaus Nomi, soprano and baritone - can accomplish (Black Magazin). A voice that is gender changing and at times almost androgynous (Compulsion). After a 20 year career in show business (West End musicals, experimental theatre, his own productions, television and Variety), in 2007 ERNESTO TOMASINI started to lend his wide vocal range to "alternative music" projects. He regularly appears live, on radio and as a recording artist, working with legendary names as well as up and coming musicians. He is the muse of composer Othon and has performed with him in concert halls around Europe, quickly gathering a large and loyal cult following. They are both featured in the soundtrack of Bruce LaBruce's film "Otto; or, Up With Dead People" (2008), have performed at the show of designer Nasir Mazhar for the London Fashion Week, in Ron Athey's "History of Ecstasy" at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Naples and at Marc Almond's concert in London's Roundhouse. Ernesto sings 5 of the 10 tracks on "Digital Angel", OTHON's debut album, released on the Durtro Jnana label. The other guest singers on the project are Marc Almond and David Tibet (Current 93). Ernesto is singer/songwriter of the band Almagest! co-funded with Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen), Paul Beauchamp (Blind Cave Salamander) and Evor Amasie (Northgate). They have performed at festivals in Portugal and Italy and at the Volksbuehne in Berlin and produced two albums. A track from their first record was used by the Res Pira Lab gallery in Milan as an hommage to Klaus Nomi and another was filmed by video artist ReveRso in Berlin. Tomasini has sung live for Andrew Liles' (NWW, Faust) at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona, at the 2008 Wet Sounds Festival in London (in the first ever underwater concert, on both occasions alongside Nurse With Wound) and at the PRE Final Fest 2009 in Rome, Italy; he also sings and narrates on Liles' albums "Black Widow" and "Black Sea" (Beta Lactam-ring Records, 2007). Ernesto has performed with the late, great Peter Christopherson (a.k.a. "Sleazy" of Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV), David Tibet, Ivan Pavlov (Coh) and OTHON in a new, live soundtrack to Derek Jarman's "The Angelic Conversation". Presented at the Ambrosio Cinema in Torino, Italy, the show was an homage to the memory of John Balance who, in 1985 with Christopherson, created the original soundtrack for the film. Tomasini was special guest at the Current 93 concert in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, alongside Marc Almond, Antony (without his Jonsons), Baby Dee and Michael Cashmore. As soloist he has sung in London's Royal Albert Hall, Purcell Room, National Theatre and Astoria. As avant-garde cabaret artist he has performed in twelve countries around the world, winning two prizes in Britain. On radio he has sung on all the BBC stations, Classic FM, Radio 3 (Spain), Radio Aligre (France), Kiel FM (Germany), Radio MEC (Brazil), Kser Radio (USA) and Radio New Zealand. Ernesto has his own column on the Italian magazine "Musical!". Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.