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Essev Bar was founded in 1994 in the Galilee region of Israel. This area is well known for its wide cultural diversity. This unique diversity influences the band, creating a fascinating musical journey between ethnic, electronic and world music atmospheres. The band has played, recorded and performed with many international artists from Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Spain and the Middle East; this exposure has created an international fan base that has lured many people to see their European concerts. They have performed in Croatia; the concerts were recorded then later broadcast on the national Croatian TV station. Other performances have been in front of huge audiences; 7000 people at the Salona festival, another in Dubrovnik, The royal gardens in Athens and performances in Spirit of Woodstock festival that took place in northern Italy. Essev Bar has written music for television films as well as performing with Symphonic Orchestras and Dance Companies. Essev Bar are: #Ori Cohen - Acoustic Guitars, Vocals & Tibetan bells, programming, Sur Mandal, Tampura #Oren Tsor - Violin #Shir Sofer - Farod, Asraj, Overtones Mouth Harp, Santur, Chimes & Bells, Kalimba #Aviv Ram - Bass guitars #Amir Yaakobi - Programming & Percussion #Sarit Sulchinera - Vocals Since 1994 they have released the following albums: ESSEV BAR PRAYER FOR THE WAY DARBASHIA SONGS THROUGH THE MEADOW LIGHT YEARS The concert CD has been distributed in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, Turkey & the USA. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.