Fía Na Roca

Without a doubt the appearance of Fia na Roca was one of the outstanding musical events in the Galician landscape of the 90’s . Their artistic contribution brought a true breath of fresh air to the treatment of traditional music in Galicia and was received with critical acclaim. The fusion of tradition and innovative arrangements , the combination of their own ideas and very different influences gives rise to an authentic and unmistakable style. The stylistic diversity together with the tonal richness used in the various compositions represents one of their hallmarks. This leads to a coherent end result with lots of character setting it apart from the commercial norm. Their discography so far consists of four albums: "Fía na roca" (1993) was their debut album. With it the group managed to attract the attention of the famous British Channel BBC , which chose its music for the soundtrack for a programme about the route to Santiago shown on Eurochannel throughout Europe in 1993. Their second album , "Agardando que pase algo", was released in 1997.Soon after its release the music was chosen to be part of a select USA and EU compilation under the title Celtic Twilight – Celtic Planet. Their third album, "Contravento", was released in 2001. The main innovation was the Galician singer Sonia Lebedynski as member number 7 of the group. Once again the music of Fía na Roca features the Route to Santiago. A Japanese TV company, “Aichi TV”, used it as a soundtrack in a series based on the book by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, Diary of a Magician, which recounts the journey made by the author along the Route to Santiago in 1986. Fia na Roca also appears in one of the chapters of the series playing the theme “Baile de Pandeiras” and being interviewed by the Japanese TV star Fumi Den. While they were on tour launching their album Contravento, Fia na Roca played the same bill as the band from Quebec, La Bottine Souriante at the Celtic Festival of Ortigueira in the summer of 2001. Fia na Roca took part in a documentary about the world tour which celebrated the 25th anniversary of La Bottine Souriante and which was directed by Rénald Bellemare. Sonia Lebedynski sings a duet in this film with the Bottine soloist, Yves Lambert, which was broadcast by Tele-Quebec. In 2003 Fia na Roca had been playing concerts for ten years. In order to celebrate it the band decided to make a live album in the Principal Theatre of Santiago on the 7th and 8th of December. This album was released in 2004. In addition, new remastered editions of the previous three albums of the band were released. In June 2007, their newest album is out, “Vente vindo”.This work is a new change of direction for the band since for the first time, rather than instrumental tunes, they have included a majority of songs –always sung in Galician language- based on traditional roots. Fia na Roca reinvent themselves without forgetting their original principles, which are basically to create modern music rooted in Galician tradition showing that it’s possible to be modern without giving up one’s identity. Thus, the band has been always far from mainstream styles, avoiding all kind of clichés and willing to take new risks as artists. And in 2008 Fia na Roca is 15 years old. Again the Principal Theatre of Santiago is the chosen setting for the recording of a concert that will be released as a DVD under the title of “Quince Maios” (Fifteen Mays). The band hopes, it will provide a snapshot of the new band as well as of the work of all these years. At the same time, the band is still making itself known abroad with concerts in France, Italy, Germany and also South America where they were on tour in Argentina and Uruguay. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/fianaroca#ixzz10DH9usiO Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.