1) They are sisters, and they are songwriters. They are singers, musicians, performers, and best friends. They are captivating entertainers, and together… they are FALK. At just 21 and 23 years, Natalee and Alexa Falk have already experienced the many ups and downs of being in the music industry. Starting out in country music at the ages of 6 and 8, the girls have covered nearly every genre of music. Coming full circle, the country/pop duo from Utah is back in Nashville pursuing their career in country music. They both sing lead, sing harmony, and play lead acoustic guitar, and they write all their own original songs. The sisters are naturally gifted and their distinct talents blend to complement each other perfectly. They are uniquely Falk. After recording their first country album, Two Steppin’, the girls were introduced to award-winning Nashville songwriter/producer Jason Deere. When Deere discovered that Alexa was writing songs at 8 years old, he knew the girls were something special. Together, the three of them co-wrote and recorded their album Girl Talk in Nashville. Alexa and Natalee gained national recognition, performing on television programs including The Jenny Jones Show, a special that featured talented kids. The girls landed themselves a few record label interests and picked up the guitar to learn to play their songs in just two weeks. They were ready to sign on with the RCA record label but in an uncertain industry, the president of RCA was fired and their contract was left unsigned. Deere submitted a whole catalog of music the girls co-wrote with him to Brazilian pop artist Wanessa Camargo. Several of their songs were selected to be recorded and by time the sisters were 10 and 12, they had five platinum hits as songwriters in Brazil, three of which hit #1 on the charts. They were the youngest signed artists to sign through Judy Stakee at Warner Chapel music. The girls were outgrowing their music as fast as they were growing up, leaving the little girl image behind and creating a sound that reflected who they were becoming as artists and young women. At 14 and 15, with help from Jared Paul (Irving Azoff Management), Natalee and Alexa formed the band Faces Without Names. The girls wrote most of their album with Marjorie Mmaye, recording in places ranging from Sweden, New York and Canada. They were uprooted from school to move to Los Angeles where they prepared for a summer tour Camplified - a tour that allowed them to perform for kids at summer camps along the East Coast. They became one of the top 25 groups recognized on Fox’s The Next Great American Band. While they had some success, pressure and heartbreak from working in the music industry, along with personal struggles, led to a path of self-destruction for Alexa who had developed an eating disorder. During this time she wrote the song Deadly Beauty. Deadly Beauty won the CosmoGirl Magazine’s 2007 songwriting competition where people from around the country cast their votes. “We received an overwhelming amount of mail from people saying our song had changed their life,” Alexa says, “that’s when we realized how powerful this platform was going to be, what our purpose was, and what we wanted to do with it.” The girls are now signed as Ambassadors forNEDA (National Eating Disorders Association). Graduating high school and attending college at 16 and 17, Alexa and Natalee left FWN and auditioned for the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where they were both awarded scholarships. After Alexa attended one semester at Berklee, the girls left school to pursue a promising record deal. When that fell through the cracks in the fall of 2008, the girls honed in on the heart of their music and who they are. Back to their roots in country music, in 2009 they created FALK. The fall of 2012 brought the release of several of their original songs to iTunes. With their new sound and image, the sisters relocated to Nashville in the spring of 2013 and are actively pursuing their country music career. 2) Falk is a member of a group of people who collectively helped write and create the music for two different "Sonic the Hedgehog" fan-games, both of which were created by LakeFeperd. The team who created the Original Soundtracks consists of; Falk, KgZ, Andy Tunstall and Funk Fiction. LakeFeperd is the creator of these games, named "Sonic Before the Sequel" and "Sonic After the Sequel". Most of Falk's music in particular known to have heavy Jazz influences accompanied by Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar riffs and many upbeat electronic sounds. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.