Full Blown Cherry

The rockabilly trio Full Blown Cherry began as a surf band. They started dabbling in rockabilly as a side project, and now the band has grown into one of the most exciting and strongest acts on the Philadelphia music scene. With their rootsy sound, reminiscent of early Memphis, Sun Recording’s, the band captures that moment in time when rock n’ roll was pure and fresh. Listening to Full Blown Cherry with your eyes closed makes you think that it’s 1956 and that Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, or Gene Vincent––major influences on the band––is playing on your Hi-fi stereo. During live shows, their fiery stage presence and antics often leave the crowd stirred up like a dirty martini and yelling for more. Steve Del Roy fronts the band. The velvety crooner behind the microphone is also a blazing guitar player. He is backed by Cory "Mick" McGrath, the doghouse slap-bass player who can often be seen jumping on top of his double bass for a solo. Sitting behind the skins, with his sizzling swing and rhythmic train beats, is drummer Halsey B. Gone. Together this slick trio, in their sharp vintage suits, mesmerize crowds wherever they go. Since their formation in the summer of ’97, the band has shared the stage with national and international rockabilly acts such as Kim Lenz and her Jaguars (from Nashville), Sleepy Labeef (Sun Label Recording Artist), The Rockats (England), Charlie Gracie (Philadelphia) and Wayne “The Train” Hancock (Texas). Recently, they have been mentioned in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer for their work, as the back-up band, with local rock n’ roll legend, Charlie Gracie. Plus, they receive frequent airplay on New Jersey’s Roots-Rockabilly Roadhouse show on WVLT 92.1. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.