Ghost of Monkshood

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Ghost of Monkshood are a psychedelic band hailing from Norman, Oklahoma. Primarily a creative outlet for songwriters Chris McDaniel and Chase Spivey, they draw influences from folk, classic psychedelic, and indie, weaving them into a dreamy mix of uplifting and thoughtful music. After a string of self-recorded albums, the band released Spider Through the Fog in 2005. At nearly 80 minutes and 17 tracks, it is a dense work of pop music experimentalism, utilizing lo-fi and home recording techniques to trick and stimulate the senses. Though it could be seen as self-indulgent in its length and presentation, the quality of music is undeniable, and the album grew in local popularity and even garnered the unsigned band a rare review on In the wake of Spider Through the Fog, they built a fiercely devoted local following through their live performances. Though still unsigned, 2008 saw the band unfold another dense musical tapestry in the album "Lift". It's rhythmic drive and condensed presentation (50 minutes and 12 tracks) show the band's maturing focus while still maintaining the whimsical otherworldly-ness that fans have grown to love. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.